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Who Are We?

Ticknology UK Ltd are specialists in getting residual value out of your redundant IT assets and excess stock. Many large companies combine their redundant and excess IT assets with their WEEE recycling, getting nothing back in return and the recycling companies profit from this instead of you.

We can quickly assess any items which are no longer required and determine how much of it has some resale value, then make an offer to purchase those products from you.

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What We Do

Ticknology UK Ltd will purchase any IT or consumer electrical equipment which still has some resale value, a more detailed list of what we purchase can be found here.

We sell directly to end users so can offer more for your hardware than many WEEE recycling businesses who will sell the goods on to separate remarketing companies for resale.

We offer a prompt and professional service, ensuring you get the best return for IT assets and full collection reports can be provided for your own internal asset management. Full details of our processes can be found here.

What We Buy

Ticknology UK Ltd can buy any redundant IT stock and assets from large businesses and distributors, items such as…

New Excess Stock and Cancelled Order

Are you an IT / Consumer Electrical distributor with an excess of aged stock which has proven difficult to move on via the traditional retailer channels? Or has a retailer cancelled an order leaving you with the stock you can’t return to the manufacturers? If you need to make room for newer models or other opportunities, we can purchase large quantities of equipment at short notice to free up some warehouse space and reducing your risk of being stuck with the stock as values decline.

We also buy box damaged, opened box and ‘change of mind’ customer returns, so any stock which cannot be sold on as ‘pristine retail’, we can buy this equipment from you to reduce the hassle involved with creating a separate product listing for it.

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Redundant IT Assets

Many large companies who have a regular refresh of IT equipment (when the warranty has expired for example) often keep the retired equipment in storage for some time, reducing the residual value that equipment has. Once a batch of assets is deemed to be surplus to requirements, getting a valuation from us will get you the best return on your equipment. This money could then be used to put back towards the cost of the replacement hardware.

For a full list of what we buy, please visit this page.

Bankruptcy Clearouts

If a company has unfortunately gone under but they still have IT stock or assets which are free of finance or lease agreements, we can quickly arrange a valuation of the equipment and prompt removal to reduce the cost of rent on the property and free up some much needed cash to pay debtors / admin fees. Dealing directly with Ticknology UK Ltd, rather than using an auctioneering firm to sell off the assets, can save considerable commission fees and unnecessary storage costs whilst the auction is arranged.

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Certified Data Destruction

With our certified data destruction process, you can rest assured that your company’s data has been completely and securely destroyed from any used assets we collect. We use data destruction processes that meet or exceed all major national and international regulatory and technical standards. Full data erasure certificates can be provided for any items with a Hard Drive or Solid State Drive. Any drives which are not able to be erased will be physically destroyed and certificates issued to reflect this. Full details of our Data Destruction procedures can be found here.

Responsible & Ethical Recycling

We will always ensure that all non-remarketable equipment is securely and responsibly recycled through ISO certified and Environment Agency authorised WEEE treatment facilities. We send absolutely zero IT equipment to landfill.

“We periodically clear out our redundant laptops and PCs with Ticknology and have done so for the past 4 years. They always offer a very fair price, provide detailed collection reports and collect at a time convenient to us. They’re a pleasure to deal with.”

An International Legal Firm

“Ticknology regularly buy our old laptops and server kit and have always offered a prompt and friendly service, we would have no hesitation in recommending them”

A Large UK Care Company

"Ticknology buy a large quantity of our box damaged and end of line stock, they offer us a fair price and always pay their invoices on time."

A Leading UK IT Distributor

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