Out with the old – In with the new. Recycle or Resell?

Out with old in with new

“Out with the old – In with the new” is a commonly used concept; get rid of your old stuff and replace it with something newer or better. But when it comes to technology, this process is often done on a much more frequent basis than with other industries.

Many large companies will usually refresh their IT equipment every 3 years or so, a significant portion of these companies will also not get back much (or any) money for this redundant equipment, simply asking their local IT Recycling company to come and pick it up.

Although this is usually a quick and simple process, the traditional IT Recycling companies who take this equipment away are the ones who cash in on this practice. They will sell any remarketable equipment and retain all of the profit with little or none of it going back to the company that paid for it in the first place.

The way Ticknology do things is different; we specialise in getting the best return on your redundant IT assets without the costly overheads of running a dedicated Recycling business alongside it. Why give away (or get minimal return on) your older IT equipment when there is usually some decent money to be recouped to put towards the replacement machines instead?

Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for you, like dealing with the traditional recycling companies, but give you much greater returns on your reusable redundant IT equipment.

Ticknology also sells direct to end users rather than resellers, so we can get more value out of any redundant IT equipment therefore providing even more value back to you.

Next time you have some equipment you are looking to recycle, get in touch with Ticknology first to see if there are some items which might actually be worth more than you think!

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