Terms and Conditions

All agreements to sell equipment to Ticknology (UK) Ltd will be subject to the following terms.

About us

This service is provided by Ticknology (UK) Ltd who’s registered address is Unit 63 Atcham Business Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 4UG.

Our Company Registration number is 8957742 and our VAT number is GB183352408.

Full details about us and what we do can be found here.


Who we buy from

Ticknology (UK) Ltd will consider purchasing equipment from any company based on UK Mainland provided there is sufficient value in the equipment to cover all admin, shipping and processing costs.

There may be occasions when there is not sufficient value or quantity of equipment for Ticknology UK Ltd to warrant purchasing, if such an occasion should occur we will advise accordingly.

We are only able to consider purchasing equipment from larger businesses / distributors where there would be sufficient value in the stock / assets to cover our processing costs. Regrettably we are not able to consider purchasing any equipment from private individuals.


What we buy

Ticknology UK Ltd will consider purchasing most IT and Consumer Electrical hardware which still has some residual value. Full details available here.

We will NOT purchase any goods which have been deemed unsafe, manufacturer recalled, stolen, still under lease or rental agreements, or do not have the permission of the rightful owner to be sold.

We check the serial numbers of all submitted orders via Check MEND to ensure no stolen items are sold to us. If we at any time become aware of any issues, we reserve the right to withhold/cancel payment and you agree to co-operate with us and any authorities should we so request.


Valuation of goods

Item values / offers provided by Ticknology (UK) Ltd are indicative only and we are not obliged to pay the initially quoted value if, when we receive your item(s), we determine that they have a lower value or they fail to meet these Terms. Values are valid for 30 days from the date on which they are provided. We may extend the period for which item values are valid for but shall not under any circumstances be obliged to do so.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. VAT will only be paid if the company selling the goods are VAT registered and can provide a VAT invoice to us.

Responsibility of goods

The responsibility and liability of any equipment we agree to purchase remains with the seller until Ticknology UK Ltd have received the goods, confirmed our acceptance and paid for them in full.

All goods sold to Ticknology (UK) Ltd will come with some form of warranty, either DOA or better to allow us sufficient time to inspect and test any relevant equipment. Any items deemed ‘not as described’ will be returned to the supplier at their cost and any payment(s) already made for these items will be refunded in full.


Payment of goods

All amounts will be paid in GBP (£) sterling by the payment method you have chosen; direct UK bank transfer, PayPal or company cheque, posted to the address you provide to us. Bank transfers and PayPal payments are made to you within 48 hours of confirming acceptance of your equipment, as long as it was accurately described.

Purchases of excess or box damaged stock from recognised distributors will be paid for prior to delivery or collection should this be required.

Payments are also subject to validation and security checks which we or third parties may stipulate from time to time. Payments are non-transferable and will be made to the payee named as instructed in the sales agreement. If you would like someone else to receive payment, you must ensure you have all the correct details and authorisation.

Payments will be sent in the case of postal payments to the address you stipulate when we set up the agreement. Payments sent in the post will be sent via second class Royal Mail post (3-5 days delivery time).

Payments are made using the details which you provide. You must ensure that you provide all correct, accurate details, including without limit, payment and account details. We will not be liable if you fail to receive a payment or suffer a loss (including if a payment is sent to an incorrect account) as a result of your failure to input all payment and other details correctly, completely and accurately.


Data Security

Ticknology (UK) Ltd will remove any data upon used hard drives or other media storage device of your equipment and will reformat the drive with Industry standard software in order to do so. We accept no responsibility in relation to the retrieval of data which has already been erased by us which the seller has failed to establish as required prior to the sale. Please ensure data on any used equipment has been backed up (if required) prior to Ticknology (UK) Ltd taking possession of it as it cannot be retrieved once processed by us.

We will always treat your data with the utmost importance ensuring it remains safe up to the point it has been thoroughly erased. Full details of our data erasure processes can be found here.

“We periodically clear out our redundant laptops and PCs with Ticknology and have done so for the past 4 years. They always offer a very fair price, provide detailed collection reports and collect at a time convenient to us. They’re a pleasure to deal with.”

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